Actaully compusolver, I’m


Actaully compusolver, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one:

Two weeks ago, we did a Pakastani wedding. A four camera shoot that took seventeen tapes. We used two computers to capture, then copied the avi’s from one drive to another over our server. It still took all day. Makes us wonder why we don’t just do wedding photography. Those photogs have it easy!

When I shot film, my hours invested in a single wedding was close to 20 hrs.

When I went digital it jumped to nearly 40 hrs.

approx 8 hrs for full day journalistic coverage.
3 hours setting uptaking down equipment.
1 hour to transfer 1000-1400 images to computer.
15 mins backup
30 sec-2 minutes basic retouch/edit for each image (approx 400-500 images)
1 to four hours with bride to select images for Album
10-40 mins touch up/artwork on final images up to 40 in an album.
print orders to lab, album assembly
wall prints to framers.
1-3 hours images burned to dvd slideshow
add in travell times for all that running around, plus the sales consult and it adds up to about forty hours of hard work.


I’v added video to the mix.
Video is better suited to the speaches and dancing.
Equall in the ceremony.
Photo is great at the park, for formals, candids.

What I’m seeing now, is this:

I’ve cut my images to 500-600 to start edit down to 150-200
cut my editing time.
added capture and video edit time.

end result….

shaved a couple hours off my total, cut back on printing costs, and raised the percieved value of our package.

It ain’t easy doing weddings for anybody but the groom. He’s only got to shake off a hangover, be on time, stand up straight, and remember two words.

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