According to the HFS10 man


According to the HFS10 manual are always recording in wide screen. There are 5 recording modes2 of which are full HD abnd the others are less. So, for this camera, it appears that the 4:3 option doesn’t really exist (see pages 46 & 46). Previous cameras (I use an HV20 and XHA1) do have that option.

If you really need to produce in 4:3 aspect ratio you’ll have to set up your Adobe Project settings to reflect that, capture your recording and if what you want is not in the field then nudge it over.

Certainly HD is more demanding on the computer. With my i7 920 based computer I can have 3 HDV video timelines beforeI see a halt in processing. Sooner if I’ve color corrected an entire timeline. My previous computer could barely handle 1 line of HD though it had no problem with 3 timelines of SD.

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