According to the camera specs


According to the camera specs there is a remote controller for this model, which should allow you to start and stop the recording remotely. Maximum record time for the D750 is 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps: 29 minutes, 59 seconds, however

Probably time to look for a different camera. The Sony NX5U, for example, records a total of nearly 6 hours on its two memory cards, while the Sony X70 can record to 64gb cards that will handle nearly nine hours. I’m sure there are many other cameras that will shoot more than 30 minutes as well.

Years ago, before we stopped shooting weddings, we addressed your problem by placing a camera near the altar mounted on a Bescor pan/tilt head. We ran two 100 foot cables from the camera to the rear of the church: a Bescor cable from the pan head to the controller and an RCA cable to a monitor so we could see what the pulpit camera was seeing. We were shooting with Sony PD-150s and would use an 83 minute tape to guarantee covering the entire ceremony. The pan head gave us the flexibility to shoot the bride as she came down the aisle and to pan over to shoot the ceremony itself. It would also allow us to pan to the audience during the ceremony for “B” roll material.

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