Access to something along


Access to something along the lines of a Panasonic ‘Viera’ video recorder might make life easier if you can manage it. Transfer your HD footage directly from your camcorder onto the recorder’s hard-drive, and find a setting that gives you the best quality DVD-compatible mpg2 that you can manage for the download phase. Since your footage totals 1.25 hours, that will likely be very good indeed.

I am currently working to transfer close to 10,000 files to AVC, to simplify inter-cutting with incoming High-Definitionfootage, which means upscaling 720 x 576px footage in 16:9 aspect-ratio, to 1280 x 720px. If the wheels come off that scheme, or I descend into madness due to the tedious and repetitive nature of the work, (some might say I’m nuts already), tocopy the stuff to mpg2 in good quality, has always been my fall-back position, as I have a duplicate SD archive of ‘everything’ in High Quality mpg2 as well.

You might do best with mpg2 by setting the top scan-rate to 9200 or thereabouts on VBR and allowing the lower limit to ‘float’. The seems for me, to yield an ‘average’ of about 8000, which is compatible with the DVD-standard. However, I always screw the ‘quality’ setting well-up as well. I always use ‘double-pass’ with its analysisstage. Hope some of that helps.

Ian Smith

Dunedin, New Zealand

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