Absolutely. In my blog I h


Absolutely. In my blog I have written about video greeting cards. On another blog I was told that these “ideas” were about “five years long in the tooth,” that there were/are more “efficient” ways to communicate today – blogs, e-mail, etc.

I pointed out that certainly there are more efficient, as well as less intimate and personal, ways to communicate, but that the purpose of the DVD Video Letter, and as you mention, holiday cards on video, personal, direct and intimate greetings (not to mention the worth/value of actually being willing to take the time/money and make the effort to do so) is what gives value and purpose to this approach.

I figure that the responder was correct in that the “idea” is long in the tooth, but not because it is an old and outdated approach in and of itself, but because sadly in this day and age people do not often take the time to communicate in a more personal/intimate way. Many have lost touch with the value of hand-written letters, post cards, personal phone calls and DVD video letters/greeting cards, opting for impersonal tweets, facebook updates, e-mails and blogs.

Not to mention that, like Jay noted, not everyone is “connected” but there are always the phone, written messages and now we can all market DVD video letters – an idea that could well become contemporary instead of being out of date.

Thanks for responding, Hogwild – what a name πŸ™‚ – and check out the other articles at http://www.eccomeecgo.blogspot.com

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