About which editor to buy:


About which editor to buy:

To preface this I am not unbiased, I have used both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro for many years and have never touched Vegas.

If all you are gong to do is run your own business as an event videographer or independent producer it really doesn’t matter. Any non-consumer level NLE should work for you in that case. If you need to do more than edit footage however, if you plan to create graphics as well (either moving or static), if you plan on using digital distribution or publishing content to both a disk based format (SD or HD) and web based delivery, then you should probably go with the Adobe suite. The fact is that Adobe makes most of the major graphics/design programs on the market and has been an industry standard name for quite a while. The integration between Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Premiere, Encore, Soundbooth and Flash is very well thought out, and it is that integration that is the major push in the latest release of the program.

However if you are looking to work with/for an established production company or studio you will probably want to work with either Final Cut Pro or AVID. if you are looking at the highest end of the spectrum you should definately go with AVID. Pretty much all highend film, network television and highend cable uses AVID. A lot of independent film, and lower end TV and cable, advertising and institutional video productions use FCP. Premiere and Vegas aren’t even on the map in those industries as far as I know.

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