About this time last year


About this time last year I used Pinnacle 9. I have to agree with Compusolver, it was a very easy program to master. However, the DVC 80 USB capture device it cam with did not capture audio. I got the device replaced and tried again. No audio. Tried it on a cousin’s computer. No audio. I was very disapointed with their capture device, but at $80, i guess it was good, since it bundled the capture and the program. Now I use an ADS capture device. Also, Pinnacle (rather unfairly) has many good transitions, effects, and sound effects, all ready for you. You simply have to put down thousands of dollars for the keys to unlock them!!!! The program would constantly crash while burning a Video CD on my computer with 256 RAM. I grew so disgusted that I just dropped the program. Plus, it was over 3 gigs to install.

I got Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 last December. It wasn’t all that different from Pinnacle. Took me a month or so to learn, just from tinkering. There’s great tutorials for free out there. So last month I upgraded to Premiere Pro 2.0, got a new computer with a Pentium 3 Ghz processor w/ Hyper Threading Techonogy, and a gig of RAM. Everything is great now!
You can also integrate Premiere with all of Adobe’s numerous other programs too. πŸ˜€

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