Aaaaa…working for free,

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

Aaaaa…working for free, been there, done that. I worked for free initially to gain some experience, but later on you really need to say, “okay, no more free gigs from me”. Like Composite mentioned, “keep an eye out for folks who are just trying to hook you in to get free labor”, those people are everywhere in the world, you just need to be firm when is time to ask for money. At first is a little scary, but if you don’t learn how to do this, the “parasites” will eat you. What I do is start with a high price and keep negotiating until me and the client agree on the price.

One thing I do for free is church and family members social activities. I get some income by selling DVD and the good thing is that church and family members market your product, increasing the chances of selling DVD. A family member of mine manage to get me 25 DVD to sell at $15 each. I’m editing a church activity and they are making a list of people interested in buying DVD (around 10 people right now). For the church the DVD is $20, but I’m donating $5 for each DVD I sell to the church. This is a good strategy because people could buy the DVD to make a donation to their church and preserve and amazing DVD.

You are going to learn many things along the way, just don’t stop learning. If you are going to work for free be sure to do gigs in which you can learn more than you already know.

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