A trick I learn a while ag


A trick I learn a while ago for syncing sound with video is similar to the cap-pistol method mentioned above.

I use a Zoom H2 in concert with my camera when I want to get better area sound. I spot both the camera and Zoom locations for the shotandmark the Zoom location. When I am ready to record I move the Zoom near the camera, start the recording on both devices,say thetitle/take (a verbal slateif you will)ofthe shot, thenI double click on a pet training “clicker” (this gives 4 distinct clicks on the audio to later use to line upin the editor) then move the Zoom back to its location.

The verbal “slate” lets me match the video and audio record. The double click is easy to see as sharp spikeson the audio waveforms in the editor to line things up.

something like this, inexpensive, can strap it to your camera tripod or stick in your pocket.


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