A standalone digital recor


A standalone digital recorder close to, and focused on, the sweet spots at each of the speakers taking the minister’s audio as backup, in spite of the evident wind issues. But, as Rick says, probably, in this case, with the outdoors/winds conditions, the only way to really get around those issues is to record with a good wireless, lapel mic placed as he suggested. However, even the little foam things you get with your lapels are a bit more effective than the bigger directional mics even if you put a REAL dead cat around them … just sayin’

Anyway, instead of recording audio to cameras for anything other than purposes of syncing audio reference points in post, I’d probably run wireless (more than one if I have them) to standalone digital recorders, taking the chance that multiple backups and acquisition would bail me out even though I couldn’t possibly be monitoring all those sources in progress.

Again, as Rick notes, Murphy, moreso than any audio gods, might have a hand in mucking up the audio on an outdoor venue. Not to mention planes, trains and automobiles and other noisy elements. Had one once where the stupid greens keepers were driving small tractors around some of the course, distributing sheep manure (yes, we could all SMELL it) and attracting flies like I experienced without the manure on a visit to Australia, but mostly making these sweet, enhancing tractor engine and mechanical noises that carried all over the golf course, especially to where we were recording an outdoor wedding.

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