A simple letter identifying


A simple letter identifying yourself, referencing the media you wish to use, and describing how you’d like to use it and where and how it will be displayed, along with any compensation (or none) you are offering to the media owner should get you started. The owner can either add an endorsement to the bottom of that letter indicating they give permission, or they may choose to write their own letter stating exactly what permissions they are granting you. Best practice is to include a statement of all the ways you think you will be using their footage — for example, if you only ask for permission to use it as part of a video you will only show to community groups or in private screenings, you will NOT have permission to broadcast it over the Community Access TV channel. You can find a sample of a Materials Release at: https://www.videouniversity.com/articles/releases-for-use-in-film-and-video/ (and other release forms as well).
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