A shallow depth of field is


A shallow depth of field is hard to achieve with the smaller sensors on camcorders which is why you see tuturials for DSLRs with their large sensors. Outside of the techniques that you have tried, which you don't seem to be satisfied with, about the only way to get your background out of focus is to force the depth of field away from it. Start out with your apeture opened up all the way and zoom in as much as you feel comfortable with if you don't like it at maximum. If you have manual focus, turn the ring until the focus is as close to the camera as possible (let's say the depth of field is from the cameral lens to five feet). If your subject is at six feet, adjust the focus until it starts to get into focus (let's say it's from six inches to six feet), everything behind the subject will be out of focus. Keeping the background as far away from your subject will only help. If you only have autofocus then focus on something close to the camera first and try to lock that down (turn it off?) and place your subject at the outermost area of the depth of field. I hope this was of some help.



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