“….a shaky shot is bette


“….a shaky shot is better than no shot!”

Hmmmph, depends on who you’re working for! Yeah, for most ENG outfits you can get away with ‘earthquake cam’ in certain situations. Most Producer/Directors will flip out if all you come back with is shaky footage. That crap is cool for MTV because they initiated it being too cheap to hire real camera people.

An experienced shooter will do his/her best to keep the rig steady or smooth out the movement. That was another reason why I passed on working for a TV station, I didn’t want my standards to slip. With filmmaking doc’s or narratives, you must have more discipline in your shooting. It also doesn’t hurt to have a group of pros around you who’ll talk major smack about you bringing in less than professional looking work to keep you sharp.

It won’t kill you to use a tripod, steady rig, stabilization or a steady bag when the need arises. Handheld shooting is an art form which takes years of practice to master. Don’t get in the habit of not using stabilization or support when you have it available.

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