A room for me? OK there I


A room for me?

OK there I am trying to be funny again.

Are you going to be doing any shooting in the studio? If so a green screen or if you can afford to give it up, paint an entire wall to be used as green screen and set up the lighting permately. Also if doing studio work, reflectors and extra lighting.

If the theater you are setting up is to be used for previewing your work/videos then you might want to consider a few “hidden” cameras capturing the audience reaction to the film. This is invaluable data when you have a question about a production. In fact in 2 Star Trek movies the endings were reshot due to the reaction of the test audience. Star Trek Generations and I think ST II, but can’t seem to access that memory at the moment.

I think what you have is sweet, many times when I have had trouble falling asleep I have fantasied about having something like this. We just bought a huge beautiful house (it was a foreclosure and we nearly stole it, it is an amazingly beautiful house I never thought I would end up living in something like it), anyway it has the room for a studio and a shoot room, and we still have not closed yet, so i will lay in bed some nights just dreaming about doing what you are doing. Your front man, will he pay for mine? Being funny again. Just the few things I suggested is all I can think of.

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