A potted plant or two makes


A potted plant or two makes an effective background. Use floor or desk lamps to provide lighting accents. A cheap Venetian blind with a light shining through it makes an effective gobo — i.e., light pattern on the wall. Make a gobo out of foam core and shine light through it. Dress the set if it has shelving: books, small three dimensional items, a framed picture or two, etc., anything to relieve the bare walls. Try using a backdrop hung from a couple of C-stands behind the desk.

Change the height of your shots, the angles and the distance from camera to subjects too. Once you’ve established the relationship of the three people with a wide shot you can move in for close-ups on each speaker.

Finally, use a teleprompter, or cue cards it you must, and shoot in relatively short segments. This will permit camera repositioning and permit a smooth and fairly stress free shoot.

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