>> A polariser will


>> A polariser will remove reflections, and glare off non-metallic objects. It will remove light scatter in blue skys. In both those cases, it will improve color (with blue skys, it will work best at 45 deg to the sun). (say for example you have a green leaf with a bright light reflection on it, remove the reflection and what’s underneath? right, more green…. hence the color appears more saturated). <<

Ah, I see what it means by improves color now. I originally took it to mean “it magically makes your color better,” but in reality it just removes unwanted light so that the colors you do want are more saturated.

>> now nds, I think the other poster meant : For SHALLOWER depth of feild, nds reduce the light going in the lens allowing you to open up the iris. <<

You are absolutely corrrect here. I meant to say smaller DoF, but wasn’t thinking right… I started to explain it right and then said greater. Thank you for correcting me.

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