A PG 48 is a rather dull


A PG 48 is a rather dull microphone, it’s designed to work best with somebody speaking or singing loudly into it – but, I suspect that you are probably just using it poorly. It’s a cardioid, and has quite a strong proximity effect. As you go in close, the bass response tips up out of proportion with the treble. Music people use this for effect, but for speech – the result is dull, muddy and pretty nasty. I’m betting you are almost lips on the grill, or perhaps an inch or two back? If you back off to 6″ or a foot – the mic will become more neutral (but quieter). You then need to apply gain – this is the snag. You have a home stereo style interface, not a proper recording one. Gain has to be applied in software and it could work – you have to experiment, but my guess will be that you will find the result a bit noisy – plenty of hiss. Hopefully, the performance will be better than this and it will be usable. Most people who need to do semi-serious audio will be looking at interfaces that have 3 pin XLR mic connectors, and probably 48V phantom power so you can use condenser mics too. Lexicons, Scarletts, m-audio – that kind of product.

See if you can get enough gain and increase the distance and see what the results are?

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