A not-so-tech savvy friend


A not-so-tech savvy friend asked me “What is Facebook?” This was the best I could come up with:

“take 300 narcissists, 580 businesses, 10,000 advertisers, a few phishing scam artists, who all pretend to be your friend, and pretend to like you, all hoping to get something for nothing from you… then add your relatives and ex’s who want to keep tabs on you…. plus all your real friends are already there, now give them all a place where they can spam you with multimedia text messages 24/7… THAT is Facebook my friend.

Now since you want somebody, anybody, preferably EVERYBODY to buy your photo services, ….GET OUT THERE AND MAKE SOME PHONEY FRIENDS AND PRETEND TO LIKE THEM!!!!! “

Now would you really want your job prospects to depend on what a person reads about you there?

Just sayin’. Hope that helps.

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