A lot of very good advice


A lot of very good advice from the readers. I have shot weddings using four camcorders and the positioning is important to not detract from the ceremony. I have also experienced some unplanned problems. Weddings normally have a wedding planner who puts the whole event together. Occasionally the church has a wedding coordinator that controls the facility and sometimes the two conflict. Attending the rehearsal is a must to plan the layout of your equipment and note the room lighting. On the day of one wedding the coordinator decided to dim the church lights during the processional. This of course affected the video and bright lights panels are not appreciated. I usually place an unattended camcorder on a short tripod (18) in the back of the altar off to the right shoulder of the pastor. This gives me a clear shot of the bride and grooms faces. For one wedding the bridesmaids and groomsmen took positions to the left and right on the altar. Tape was placed on the carpet to mark the spots where they should stand. It worked great during the rehearsal and the camcorder position was perfect. However, one of the bridesmaids, the one closest to the pastor had hidden in her bouquet a small digital camera. During the ceremony she kept stepping off her spot shooting pictures of the bride and groom. This of course caused the loss of many precious expressions so important to the video. Fortunately, I had a camcorder stationed to one side in the front row capturing the backs of the bride and groom and the face of the pastor. With multi-cam editing I was able to eliminate the intrusions. But, just to get even I left one intrusion in the final edit with a sub-title PAPARAZZI. The bride and groom loved it. Audio is a whole new subject, but I usually place the wireless mike on the pastor rather than the groom. Grooms have a tendency to whisper things to the bride that they would not like others to hear.

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