A lot of smartphones take

AvatarLaguna Hiker

A lot of smartphones take surprisingly good video these days. I mention that because a lot of us tend to focus on hardware, rather than story. It's easy to buy a $1,000 camera and make a really boring fifteen-minute video. If you have a recent iPhone or Android phone, I'd suggest checking it to see if it will record video in 720p, or better. If that's the case, start shooting.


Since you always have your phone with you, shoot tons of footage. Don't worry too much about what you shoot–the only rule is to always shoot in landscape (sideways) mode. Plan on shooting an hour of raw video over the next year for every minute of your finished film. Most of what gets shot won't be very good, but if you shoot that much, you will get fifteen minutes of gems. Review your video as you shoot it, and log your gems. As you begin building your library of gems, start thinking about how to tell a visual story with them. Find a book, such as 'How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck', that will help you pump up your storytelling skills.


A year from now, you'll have a film that you couldn't get from a videographer for $100,000. 



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