A lot of Mac people seem t


A lot of Mac people seem to think that PCs are innately unstable. Most PCs are unstable because of the ignorance of their users. If you set up a PC with editing software, keep it off of the internet completely, don’t install stupid programs, and keep it defragged and clean, you will have no problems.

I think that people are attracted to Macs and FCP because they can use their Mac as a internet computer and as an editing computer without problems. Don’t get me wrong: I think FCP is a great program.But you can get a lot more horsepower, storage, and peripherals for far less money when you build a PC than when you buy a Mac.

All of this to say: I think a lot of people are legitimately attracted to Macs and FCP. But what I don’t likeis the fact thatPCs are stereotyped as being generically unstable and unreliable. This is not true. Also, this is not coming from someone who is a PC-only guy. I love PCs and Macs.

Conclusion: I think that a lot of Mac users need to have their arrogance lowered andthat a lotof PC users need to smarten up with reference to their PCs and how they treat them.

P.S. robgrauert, Avid is used to edit the majority of feature films, television shows, and commercials in the world. I don’t think I would call it ass-backwards. The Avid lineup includes some of the most powerful editing programs in the industry. Media Composer, Adrenaline, and Symphony Nitris are rock-solid programs that have very rigorous hardware requirements. All-in-all, Avid is the ruler of the video and film industry.


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