A lot depends on what kind


A lot depends on what kind of production business you intend to pursue: weddings, events, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, sport events, school events, commercial or corporate projects…it’s an infinite list and nothing says you can’t offer it all as well – my company does.

As a result I have a demo DVD that features a huge selection of demos representing some, but even at nearly two hours of content not nearly all, of the types of production services I offer. It reflects a broad scope of experience, quality and production style/content.

Or, you will want to settle for one thing: weddings perhaps? Then your samples will need to reflect your capabilities in that arena. An assortment of creative and standard or basic, even documentary or journalistic style wedding video clips would be in order.

Clean, steady, clear, crisp audio and video is the first order. Solid production value and consistency follows. There are literally hundreds of thousands of clips virtually everywhere on the web to check out for possible samples and content. Google wedding videographers or narrow it down to your state or service area to see what the locals are doing/offering. To a lesser degree YouTube, Vimeo and other website video hosting sites can offer all the visual/audio sampling you can stand.

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