“… A local stringband (l


“… A local stringband (locally made music) brought out a CD which they sold
to their mates and friends. within a couple of weeks it appeared in one
particular shop whose owner ended up with a broken leg and a few


We’ve got that ‘alternative piracy protection’ in the US too! Not one condoning violence, but I understand how a local band or producer would feel violated by having their hard work pirated. Problem is, though the shop owner you spoke of shouldn’t have been selling, you bring up one of the major points of why piracy is so prevalent… it’s profitable. However, the shop owner is only a tiny part of the problem. Using the ‘alternative method’ all the people who freely purchase pirated goods are also to blame. Then there’s the loooooooong line of folks that create and distribute pirated materials. I too have stood in shops in Thailand, Hong Kong and a number of other countries that openly sell pirated goods.

In most cases, few in developing countries could possibly afford the whopping 1733 Euros or $2600 bucks for CS5 Master Collection let alone $249 just for a ‘license’ to use MS Office ’07. Hate to say it, but there are many, many folks in the US and Europe who can’t afford that either! As both a producer and consumer of potentially lucrative digital products, I can see both sides of the coin. On the one hand, there’s this kind of satisfying ‘EFFU’ one gets when one thinks they’re ‘getting over’ on the greedy studio, software and distribution execs by buying something far cheaper or getting it free. On the other side you see all your hard work, money and time being stolen by a bunch of freeloading parasites who are just ‘cashing in’ on your work. To quote a line from Cyprus Hill’s “So You Wannabe A Rock Star?”, “… At least in the Drug Game if you see someone stealin’ from you, you can shoot’em….” However, the ‘alternative method’ is both illegal and futile.

Piracy only makes things worse. Because you’re not going to beat the ‘Big Players’ (i.e. the big corporations and countries that sanction piracy either directly or indirectly.) The more you pirate, the more control the big corps want over the material and how it’s distributed. It’s like the old ‘Cold War’, in that it continues to escalate and the only people who ‘lose’ are the artists and paying consumers.

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