A little experience to sha


A little experience to share….
I have learning "disabilities".
I did so poorly in school, (I failed gr 9 four times (including "introductory to Computers)) that Child and Family Services (I was in foster care) dumped me off on a street corner in Toronto with Nothing.
I was sixteen.
I was homeless for the better part of two years.
I got a secondhand camera for twenty dollars (pentax k1000) and six months later, had artwork in restaraunts, prints being offered for prizes on the radio, booked my first wedding for $1200.00 cdn.
My first computer was a laptop windoze me pIII 233 512 meg ram. It spent more time being fixed, than being used, and was totally unstable and hoorendous to work with.
I now run a Home based business, with a network of three Macs(no down time in four years). I left my full time Job (in healthcare) last year to goto College. (did not borrow a dime!)
I took courses in Marketing, Advanced photoshop, and commercial photography.
I listen to students in my class, who were weaned on PC’s moan and complain about Macs, then gasp in awe at the quality of work I produce.
Bottom line:
Do you want to be a PC "Expert" who does creative work whenever you’re not too busy dealing with system crashes, viruses, spyware, hardware conflicts, drivers, defragging harddrives…(you get the picture) ? Or do you want to be a working creative pro that creates great work with a computer that "Just Works"?
I for one, don’t care how it works or what it costs…as long as IT WORKS!
That goes for cameras, vehicles, video cameras and computers, it has to do what it’s supposed to do, do it well, and do it reliably, so I can spend my time making money.

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