A little different twist o


A little different twist on this if I may. I started editing back in the early 80’s with the HUGE VHS decks by Panasonic in a Community Access setting……I have been doing video on and off since then. Over the last couple of years, I have begun getting serious with video Production to the point of selling my sound & light business (D.J. Business) and moving it to video production exclusively. I had been using Pinnacle’s 10.7 with a Gateway GM 5084 until I ran out of memory and upgraded to a Gateway FX-7020 (Gateway’s newest graphics loaded computer). In doing this, I also upgraded to the 11.1.2 Utimate system and have had really good luck with it. Given the fact that I do primarily School programs and church services as well as video work for Non-Profit agencies, I have yet to have it go down during Post-Production. It has a fair array of options even in the”out-of-the-box” formats with several downloads available for a reasonable cost. I know of several people who will swear by “Final Cut Pro”, and to those who have the operating budget, my hats off to you! πŸ™‚ Pinnacle seems to have gotten the bugs out of the earlier versions and ever since their merger with AVID, seems to have mastered a comparable product.

I’m new to the “Lounge” community, and am looking forward to many years of learning from the many pros out there!

God Bless All of You and our Troops! (Former USN)

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