A limit of $1000 makes thi


A limit of $1000 makes things really difficult. The suggestion of a used prosumer camcorder is good, if you get it from a reputable seller. Right now, B&H has a used Canon GL-2 selling for $1575. It’s either B-stock or refurbished, so it should be OK. If you want to buy new, the Panasonic DVC20 sells for about $1200. It has 3 small CCDs, but more importantly, it allows you to manually set the mic level.
Now, I know all of the above are more than the $1000 price you mentioned. But the alternative would be to go for a strictly consumer model. These days, VERY FEW consumer models allow you to manually set the mic level. Most don’t even allow you to plug in an external mic!!! 😯
One exception would be the Canon HV20, an HDV camcorder selling for $1100, or maybe slightly less.
Good luck, πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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