A half frame is called a f


A half frame is called a field. 2 fields make up the frame. "Half frame 1" is the odd field. "Half frame 2" is the even field. I guess you missed my explaination about losing resolution when deinterlacing. If your camera is set to record interlaced, the image sensor scans that way. 30 FRAMES per second (60 FIELDS). So in answer to your question, NO. The 2 fields are not scanned during the same 1/60th of a second. The first 1/60th scans the odd, and the next 1/60th scans the even. Thats why a paused image "twitches". Converting interlaced to progressive is NOT the same as deinterlacing. Deinterlacing loses resolution, converting to progressive does NOT. Converting to progressive will not remove the "twitches" between fields. It simply changes the way the fields are stored in the video file.

In all my years of editing video I’ve never seen a real need to convert interlaced video. I’m not saying a real need doesn’t exist, but for most home/consumer needs, its really not necessary. If your watching DVDs on your computer monitor, you’re going to have either the interlaced lines that you’ve been seeing, or the jaggedness of deinterlacing. Solution: watch them on a tv.

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