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A great way to get a lot of industry professionals and prospects looking your way is to use your expertise to videotape, edit and distribute local events of interest. For instance, you can contact the event organizers at your local wedding expo and tell them you’d like to videotape the event and edit together a highlight video that will be made available to view on your website after the event. All you’ll need is permission to videotape during the event. While you are at the event, bring your spouse, business partner or employees along to hand out flyers or bookmarks that tell people that the highlight video of the expo will be available to view on your website after the event. Your camera roving all over the event will also draw a lot of questions from the other industry professionals. You’ll want to give them one of your flyers/bookmarks, your business card and be sure to get one of their cards. Also, do your best to include footage from as many booths as possible in your finished video.

After you have edited the video and posted it on your website, you can do the following:

1. Contact the event/expo organizers to tell them the video is available for viewing on your site and suggest that they put a link directly to your page on their website. They will more than likely have all the expo attendees and/or vendors’ email addresses so you can suggest that they send a note to everyone telling them that the video can be viewed at the link you provide. If you are concerned about bandwidth charges or the event/expo organizers aren’t comfortable with putting a link directly to you site, you can give them the video file to post on their website. This will save you from paying the bandwidth costs but be sure to tag the video with your logo and website address/phone number at the beginning and end of the video. This way, no matter where the video ends up, viewers will know you were responsible for putting it together.

2. Contact the sponsors of the event and offer the same linking or video file arrangement as above. Take it a step further and burn the video file to a CD-ROM along with several other files specific to your company. (demo video, brochure, sample wedding projects, corporate projects, etc.) The CD-ROM will give them something tangible to hold and having your logo and contact info on the disc face will further brand your company into their brains.

3. Contact each of the expo vendors and repeat the above process again. You should have grabbed as many cards as possible while walking around the expo so you will have everyone’s email address. Send them the link to your video page and deliver the CD-ROM with the highlight video and your information.

4. If you are feeling really ambitious, try to figure out how to get a CD-ROM copy in the hands of every prospective bride that attended the show. Perhaps you could coordinate with the expo organizers to have everyone sign up at the registration table if they’d like to receive a copy of the highlight video after the event. Or, you can put on your flyers/bookmarks/website that they can order a free copy of the CD-ROM by giving you their mailing address, phone number and email address.

5. Add links to all the vendor and sponsor websites underneath the video on your website. Once they see that you have taken the time to do this, they will love you forever! Plus, they may even feel compelled to return the favor by putting your link on their website.

This is an excellent way to rapidly build your base of contacts and referral partners. By giving out the flyers/bookmarks at the event (with the organizers permission of course), you will drive prospective brides directly to your site. By allowing the event organizers and other vendors link to your video page or use the video file any way they please, you will immediately build an army of referral partners that will me more than eager to send business your way.

This same concept can be implemented in local business events as well if you are looking to grow your contacts and referral partners regarding your corporate video services.

This is viral marketing at it’s best! The only difference between this and YouTube is that your video will be produced by a professional and the audience will be the exact people you need to impress to grow your business.

Kris Simmons

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