A good deal is a good deal


A good deal is a good deal for you.


Your issue seems to be you don't like the wire into your 3.5mm stereo unbalanced Audio IN on your Canon HF200.  You tried one wireless solution and it didn't work out.


The used equipment is standard definition while your HF200 is high definition.  No mention of number of hours on the used equipment.  These are DV codec and tape based. The used cameras are nice cameras but the picture quality is exceeded by many high def cameras for less than $2500 in my opinion.  What will you do with a crane.


How will any of the used equipment solve your sound issue.  Unfortunately most cameras are like used computers the depreciate very steeply because new stuff is better, not just newer.


I would reccomend starting with a budget and what you want to shoot in the near future and then carefully researching what you need for equipment.


Keep in mind that just about everything except the camera is a better investment.  A quality microphone bought 10 years ago is still very useful.  A camera from ten years ago might not be so useful depending on what you want to do.




The Sennheiser  G3 is the goto wireless if price is a concern.  It will plug right into your HF200.


Good luck and best regards

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