A few questions I’d like t


A few questions I’d like to ask before beginning – such as, 1. What is your budget on this? 2. What is your role? 3. Freelance videographer that does stuff of this sort, audio recorder, or sound manager for the entirebuilding?

If it’s a theatre type of building – good chance it has a great sound system, and probably a few high-quality microphones that it already has.You could simply plug in to the sound system, depending on how far your camera is from any usable output, which you’ll need to convert to mic level.

If there’s no sound system, you’re pretty much on your own. The Sure SM57 and SM58 are great microphones. For high quality, you’ll want at least two, one for piano and one for vocalist. For enhancement, one for singer and two for piano is great for stereo. This is only if budgetpermits. You’ll also want to plug into XLR inputs, which is accomplished by an XLR preamp box – Juicedlink is optimal.

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