A few days ago I downloade


A few days ago I downloaded ( about 8 hrs) the 1.5 GB trial version of Studio 12 Plus and captured about 40 mins of DVI tape. Then I rendered it to MPEG 2 and tried to burn to DVD. Well it was a hopeless case and impossible for me to accomplish.

However with the Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 it all went very smoothly.

With Sony Vegas trial version when it came to burning the DVD it said “Sorry mate, you’ll have to download the DVD burning software.”

My rendering times using i7-920 processor and running Vista 32 bit were as follows :-

Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus – 30 mins to render 40 min video tape

Cyberlink PD7 – 4 mins to render 40 min video tape

Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 – 12 mins to render 40 min video tape

So Cyberlink PD 7 wins hands down! For me anyway.

PD7 – 6 mins per 1 hr tape

Movie Studio 9 – 18 mins per 1 hr tape

Studio 12 – 45 mins per 1 hr tape

I realise that the actual content in each time line varies but I would have thought it did not matter that much.

Also, Cyberlink claim in their promotion of their product that their software is specially written to take advantage of i7 capabilities.

Previously my P4 was taking over 3 hrs to render a 1 hr tape using Pinnacle Studio 9.4 so my main concern was to reduce this huge time using a new computer/processor and new software.

Not only was the rendering time a big concern but the programme kept crashiing and jamming up.

I should also add that when trying to contact Pinnacle it told me that they did not recognise my Login name even though I have posted there! Hopless. In fact they require up to 3 passwords for different areas of enquiry. I give up!

I am interested to hear any other reports on this similar subject so please reply if you wish.



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