A fairly quick and easy (a


A fairly quick and easy (and relatively cheap) way to make the end result look better is to get some nice assets to use to “sweeten” the final edit.

A great place to look is Digital Juice – They have ThemeKits (you can get five for $100 now – normally $50 each) that have wonderful HD and SD animations, transitional wipes, overlays, video clip art (Motion Design Elements), layered PSD files (for the DVD and case) – all matched to a theme (they have several wedding themed ones).

I would also highly recommend getting some nice royalty free music – (DJ has this as well but there are other sources as well).Some folks only want copyrighted music but RF gives you two things – You stay legal (more important to some than others) and 2) It gives your production something relatively unique and some music that the viewers may not have heard before.

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