A DVD also has what is cal


A DVD also has what is called a Region. This is a ‘security’ system designed so that a USA region DVD will only play on a USA player. The idea behind this is that Oversees DVD’s would be a different region and can’t be imported to the US (I say US here, but really it could be any country) and sold for cheaper than the proper US version.

I want to say that most of the time (Not 100% sure about this), when a consumer makes a DVD it is made a ‘region free’ DVD, which means that it should be able to play on any region DVD player (although, this isn’t quite true). It seems like most of the DVD players out there can read region free DVD’s, but not all of them. If your in the US, try seeing if there is a setting you can select to make sure it’s a US region (I think it’s region 1 or 2?). I think the Wikipedia article lists the regions based on geographic location, but I’m too lazy to look that up right now.

This could also be part of your problem?

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