A couple offer things …


A couple offer things … should be helpfull.. to avoid some possilbe
problems others have had with this software and why most don’t like it.
They fail to ;;; for the most part to : But not always the case.
I use win 2000 OS
If Win 98—- there’s one reason for crashes and flakyness
Win XP — to glorifide,, stepping on top of it’s self.
Looks like almost all you REALY need is MORE Ram get two GIG
if you can afford it,,, Not just the cheapest you can find either
Is yours DDR ?


“At least” 1 gig ram…. DDR
100 + H.D. 7200 rpm or scus
1.5 pent CPU or better
As with any software – defrag and reboot prior to install.
End task any other programs running that don’t need to
( should leave you with explorer and sytry ) “install now”

Rebot,,, defag,,, get patches/updates.

I never had to do some of these crazy fixs some suggest
such as registy edits …etc.. However for some ???
Just my experence I’ve had Dude , for about 5 years now …
peace out

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