A couple of thoughts here:


A couple of thoughts here:

You would be much better off if you had a PC custom built for you or you build one yourself so that you can get the right kind of components needed for effective video editing. Building one would end up costing you less money than ordering one and it will have a lot more power. Dell and other PC manufacturing companies usually use proprietary components that sometimes are not that upgradeable. Of course buying a high powered Dell will work too if you dont plan on upgrading anything.

However, because it looks like you are ordering a PC, (IMO) I would order it with a single 80 or 120 HD as your first drive and then have the RAID 0 array for a second drive. A RAID 0 array will appear as one virtual drive to your operating system even though there are two physical disk drives. Ordering just the RAID 0 array for your boot, system, program and video drive will work but youre kind of defeating the purpose especially for video editing. Think of it like if YOU (a hard drive) were the only one working at a McDonalds and you had to make the burgers, fry the fries, pour the sodas and wait on the customers. Thats a lot of running around. The difference between a SATA and a standard ATA drive would be you wearing roller skates. Now if you had a few other people (hard drives) things will run easier and faster and you would be sharing the workload.

You are doing the right thing by checking with Avid. I know that Adobe has an issue with their new releases because of this new online activation system they have. The programs think that they are on two different computers because of the two different HDs or something like that.

Oh yeah… to answer your question, a RAID 0 array will act just like a single drive. All it’s doing (behind the scenes) is splitting the data up between two different drives thus creating faster thoughtput.


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