A couple more questions:


A couple more questions:

Are you trying to transcode everything to a final video DVD format? (VIDEO_TS folder with VOB, IFO and BUPs files.)

Are you transcoding and burning right to a disk or are you trasncoding to a folder on your HD somewhere?

If the later, can you play your project from that folder using some kind of other DVD viewing and playing software?

How big is that [VIDEO_TS] folder in terms of file size?

When you say no sound, are you saying that after you transcode everything and try to play it there is no sound or are you looking for a separate sound file?

Where are you testing your DVD? (Desk-top, PC, PS2, ?)

I believe there is an update for Encore 1.5 too. Was that done?

Lastly, are you doing the EXACT same thing as the previous times when you were successful? That includes burner, speeds, media type and brand.. ect

Solving a problem like this can be tricky especially over a forum. It might help us out here to narrow it down if you could answer the questions above. Im thinking that there must be a wrong setting somewhere and yet you said that you have been successful in the past. As far as hard drive space, Encore should tell you if there isnt enough space or it might just stop or crash too.


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