A commercial video, first

AvatarKarim BigTree

A commercial video, first clip of all we've made that went to YouTube. Me and my buddy Rodrigo work in a very specific region – the Amazon. And in a specific area – Tourism. Our goal is to make catchy videos to build audience and attract tourists as well as to explain the clients what to expect coming down here. The tour company is new but is going pretty well. We'd like YOUR OPINION about:

– the quality of footages

– the content of the video

– the attractiveness

– commercial value in terms of the chances of the video to bring benefits to the company


We've received several critics from our marketing manager who said that this video would not attract tourists because of its "depressive" content and lack of Big Trees in the video. We used to promote ourselves through a Facebook Page and we made a dozen of nice video but this one is opening our freshly made YouTube Channel, so it was supposed to be really special.

Of course we are still missing equipment and budget to make something bigger, but we have huge projects ahead, so experience is needed. To see our earlier videos you'll have to check our Facebook page if interested. We'd like to open a new topic later about difficulties in shooting in the rainforest.


Filmed in Brazil (the Amazon/Tapajos River)

Cameras: Canon T3i and 70D




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