A bit curious to me is, ho


A bit curious to me is, how did you go from not being able to afford family hosting and just starting a video service to serving a thousand videos per month? Your math is correct, but you exponentially upped your video requirements in 2 posts, from novice to super advanced user. Just trying to follow along, I don’t get it.

Sorry to be confusing. I’m talking about my numbers from YouTube. The football highlights I upload get served about 1000 times per month (or about 300 times per video after each game). I figure this would be about the same amount if I put them on my server, given the people who watch them are fans…and not just users who stumble upon them. So if I had the same amount of hits on my own server, then I’m trying to figure out if I’d have ample bandwidth. When we started talking about bandwidth, I thought maybe my server could handle that, especially since the quality on my server *might* be better than the way YT compresses them.

As for family videos, I don’t think I could put them on my server because there are just too many, unlike a few 2-3 minute football highlight reels.

The ISP does say it’s 3500 GB per month:

and the link is here: http://www.vegas.lunarpages.com/basic-hosting/

I can post my YT highlights here and then upload one to my server for comparison so you can see the difference in quality…even though the file sizes are about the same, under 5mb. I’m still trying to come up with a good preset for Sorenson, but once it’s uploaded, I can’t tell a difference.

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