8-O … Wow loaded questio


😯 … Wow loaded question!

You realize that there is no exact answer. You also realize that all of us out here have no idea as to what extent or how involved and deep you want to get into this.

Im just throwing out these rough figures for a higher than average hobbyist, which is what you sound like you want to be.

$2600.00ish for a nice 3-CCD MiniDV camera.
$500.00ish for a decent fluid head tripod.
$800.00ish for a very nice basic NLE software solution.
$1100.00ish for a PC that will handle everything in SD.
$175.00ish for a decent shotgun mic.
$675.00ish for a nice UHF wireless combo transmitter/receiver.
$1000.00ish for a slightly better than average 3-light combo set.
$250.00ish for a soft camera case.

Then there is added audio software, video composite software, chroma screens, extra lenses, filters, tapes, stabilizers, batteries, refrigerator with beer in it πŸ˜€

As you can see it isnt cheap and could add up real fast. All of the prices above could vary from anywhere between $100.00 to $5,000. As I always say, you get what you pay for and in this racket it’s no different.

Perhaps if you could explain in more detail as to how far you want to go, we could get more realistic with some prices.

Ah. Just call up or head over to B&Hs website get your credit card out and go nuts. If you dont look at the prices, it wont hurt so bad. X-D


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