Reply To: Video camera for a beginner


When choosing a movie camera, pay attention to its matrix. The camera should record at least in FullHD resolution with 30fps smoothness. 4K will be ideal at 60fps. Also check if the camera model you have selected has audio input and options for easier recording and pre-processing of movies.

Equipment is important, but even the most perfect devices will not make the best possible videos for us. Before you start recording, let’s consider what and how you want to show. As a rule, instead of one long shot, several shorter ones work better. Thanks to them you can show more – apart from the general view, it is worth focusing on interesting details.

It’s good to have the skeleton of the movie you want to achieve earlier, and with some basic editing skills, or with the help of professional video editing program, you’ll make some great things.

At the moment, you can find a lot of more or less complicated, paid or free, movie editing programs on the web. Regardless of which one you choose, it’s worth remembering a few basic rules. MiniTool Movie Maker is exactly the one that you can use for free in making short films or sketches.

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