Reply To: How to change aperture in Canon xa30 while recording?


Found it man! I was googling the same question.

Manual adjust while recording

Or if the link wont go through here is a copy and paste.

CUSTOM Dial and ButtonYou can assign to C and the CUSTOM dial one of several frequently used functions. You can
then adjust the selected function using C and the CUSTOM dial, without having to access the
menu. 1 Open the [CUSTOM Dial & Button] screen.[FUNC.] > [MENU] > q > [CUSTOM Dial & Button]2 Touch the desired option and then touch [X].Options( Default value)NOTES• Instead of the procedure above, you can press and hold C to display a quick menu of the options. Use the CUSTOM dial to select an option and then press C.Operating modes:[”Tv/Av]When you set the recording program to [‚ Shutter-Pri. AE] or [“ Aperture-Pri. AE], you can adjust
the shutter speed or aperture value with the CUSTOM dial.[lManual Exposure]When you set the recording program to [n Manual Exposure], repeatedly press C to toggle
between the aperture value, shutter speed and gain. Next,
use the CUSTOM dial to adjust the setting.[x AGC Limit]Adjusts the AGC limit. Press C to display the current AGC limit value and then use the CUSTOM
dial to adjust it.[y Exposure]When using a recording program other than [Š Fireworks] or [n Manual Exposure], you can
compensate the automatic exposure set by the camcorder.
Press C to display the exposure compensation value
and then use the CUSTOM dial to adjust it.[j Off]Use this setting if you do not intend to use C or the CUSTOM dial

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