Reply To: Punch through wall effect


If your editing program allows it, try this:

If that won’t work you can accomplish the move this way: Lets call the rooms “dining” and “living,” the latter being the room in which the figure is seated. Set up your camera in the dining room, zoomed wide enough to show the hole and the wall in which it is located. Now zoom in slowly until your framing has moved past the edges of the hole and the frame is filled with a long shot of the living room. Now move the camera into the living room, being careful not to change the height of the camera and frame up a medium or medium-close-up of the room, with the figure centered in the frame. Then move the camera closer and shoot an over-the-shoulder of the work on the table in front of the seated figure.

Then you edit this cut between each shot to blend one view into the next.

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