Reply To: Which video editing prog of those listed can do my listed tasks ?


I use CS6 Premiere Pro and Audition and Photoshop. I have tried some of the CC versions but CS6 works better with my older i7 3Ghz computer with 16 GB of RAM and a video card with 2GB RAM. It has a simple still frame capture tool (click the camera icon) and captures 3840×2160 still from 4K. I think you need to pause the footage to use it but I’m not sure. It advances or retreats a frame at a time. It deinterlaces clips as well. I use it to edit and export 4K footage. It slows down considerably if you don’t render effects. Personally I render just a few seconds of sequence to see if it looks good, then copy the effects to the rest of the sequence and export it without rendering it. It is laid out and works much like Photoshop. There are places where you can download the CS6 trial version and there are ways to disable the trial clock. If you do your own research you can find them.

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