Reply To: Which small upgrade should come first?


The image quality in your two examples looks o.k.

It is, but I kinda want it to be better, which is why I’m looking for a small upgrade.

You can improve your “studio” with a back drop that will minimize the reflected light

you may be able to use what you have by working with placement and diffusion

I actually prefer no backdrop, but maybe I have to rethink my studio. Maybe even its location – I have very little space around me to play with light placement, etc.

Generally, what I’m looking for right now is less about good lighting, in that sense, and more about getting higher image quality (better detail, definition, colors), I think. Would you say that this is not the right priority?

If you want to explore using a soft light try a Chinese paper lantern with a 100w bulb inside. This will give you excellent front lighting at very low cost.

Are we talking normal incandescent light?

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