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I think your main issue is your camera resolution. I suggest you buy a used Lumix FZ80 and shoot in 4K. I bought that camera on ebay for $233 in mint condition about a year ago. The Lumix FZ 80 has quiet continuous autofocus with video and you can use auto or manual settings for iso, aperture and shutter speed. You can shoot 4K segments up to 8 minutes long. With the right settings you don’t need additional light. A desk lamp with a 60 watt equivalent bulb pointed at you from about 8 ft. away and a floor lamp with a 60 watt bulb pointed at the ceiling would suffice to illuminate a 10′ x 11 ft. room.
Here’s a test video about a minute long I just shot and uploaded to youtube with this camera. Settings were f3.3, 1/60 shutter speed, iso-1250, 4K 30fps.

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