Reply To: Which small upgrade should come first?


The image quality in your two examples looks o.k. Major problem is that you’re very back-lit — light bouncing all over the white walls. You can improve your “studio” with a back drop that will minimize the reflected light. I would suggest an inexpensive backdrop on a stand, dark gray with perhaps a darker pattern. This will serve to absorb light and allow your lights to highlight you sitting in front of it.

The GVM 480LS lights look like a good choice, but you may be able to use what you have by working with placement and diffusion. You can get three-point lighting with only two lights by using one for the key light in front of you and letting that same light bounce off a piece of foam-core to create the back light. Use the second light for fill. Experiment to see what looks good.

If you want to explore using a soft light try a Chinese paper lantern with a 100w bulb inside. This will give you excellent front lighting at very low cost.

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