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Freelife2g They say a picture is worth a thousand words. One of the things not mentioned is the ability to zoom into 4K footage and still have a sharp image. 1080P is seriously limited in this regard. Here is a video shot on the right side in 4K and on the left side in 2K. Both sequences were zoomed in in Premiere Pro. On youtube it is displayed in 4K (if not, set the resolution gear on the bottom of the youtube frame to 4K). The camera used on the 4K side (the keyboard player on the right) is the Nikon Coolpix B700, which I bought used on ebay for $300. The left side of the video was shot on a Nikon B5000 in 1080P. I also bought a Lumix FZ80 ($230 used on ebay) with the idea of putting both cameras on a tripod setting one for a medium shot and the other for closeup to use when shooting another video. These cameras have a fixed lens, wide angle to super closeup, can be used in auto or manual settings, and have continuous quiet autofocus. They shoot 4K segments up to 8 minutes in length. I personally have no need for any individual takes longer than that.

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