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You might take a look at for an interesting discussion of 4K acquisition and distribution.

If you rate 4K as 10 I’d rate HD (1080) as 7, MiniDV as 4. That’s on the basis of image sharpness. As I’ve suggested before, to edit 4K you’re going to need a high-powered computer. You don’t mention how you plan on distributing your “documentary.” If it’s to be projected or shown on large-screen TV sets, 4K has some advantages.

I admit to my prejudice: I don’t need to see the individual hairs on a mouse if I’m watching a documentary on rodent infestations; or individual blades of grass on the football field. I’m much more interested in content than on ultra high resolution shots of minutia. For now, HD provides a satisfying image for me. Perhaps in time I’ll change my mind.

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