Reply To: Use old gear or buy new


You can certainly continue using your MiniDV camera. It puts out a good image and makes little demand on your computer. However, it will not provide the crisp image quality of an HD or 4K device. You might consider an iPad or iPhone, either of which will give you 4K comparability. Both are commonly used for talking head interviews and podcast video. I prefer the iPad because I like the feel of the larger device. Tripod mounts are available for either if you don’t want to go hand-held. Be sure to shoot in the landscape mode rather than portrait as the latter will cause you fits when you try to edit it.

If you decide to purchase a camera there is no need, in my opinion, to spend money to get 4K capability. HD will give you excellent image quality at lower cost and will place considerably less strain on your editing computer. True, you can crop 4K to a great extent, recomposing your images in post, but there’s probably no other reason to us this format unless for large screen distribution.

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