Reply To: selecting audio for videos


You don’t say how long the time-lapse interval. This will determine pace which will in turn determine what kind of music to use. Example: You compress time drastically and show the re-build of a kitchen in 60 seconds. This calls for fast, up-tempo music. Do the same sequence in 120 seconds and a more leisurely pace is suggested. Fiddle music — light and peppy — for the first, perhaps big-band sound for the longer piece.

Consider your audience, too. If the kitchen-build time-lapse is for a young newly-wed couple, modern pop is probably appropriate; for an older, more staid couple something more traditional might work better.

If you fade to black at any time I would suggest changing the music on the fade-up. In most time-lapse you really need the music to drive the content. Watching paint dry needs a sound track that brings life to the experience.

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